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Currently there are over 552 electric vehicles on local roads, up from 74 in end 2010 and 242 in end 2011. We are installing charging facilities for electric vehicles in government car parks as planned. Along with the related facilities provided by the business and non-government sectors, there are about 1000 charging points in Hong Kongnow.Besides the standard charging facilities, Hong Kong now has ten quick chargers set up at Eastern, Southern, Central and Western, Yau Tsim Mong, Kwun Tong, Sha Tin, North, Yuen Long and Islands Districts. There is one quick charger within around 20 kilometres.

(Source: HKSAR government as of Nov 2013)

Government Policy Support:
  1. (a) Waive First Registration Tax for all electric Vehicles (till 31 March 2014)

  2. Link

  3. (b) Profits Tax Reduction for Capital Expenditure on Environment-friendly Vehicles
  4. Details please refer below link:


  5. (c)" Pilot Green Transport Fund " - a HK$300 million fund to encourage the transport sector to test out green and low-carbon transport modes and technology
  6. Details please refer below link:


  7. (d) Make a provision of $180 million to subsidize trials of hybrid buses and fully electric buses by the franchised bus companies. The ultimate policy objective is the full-scale use of zero-emission buses across the territory.

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Electric Vehicles available in Hong Kong:
  1. (a) Mitsubishi Motors:

  2. - iMiEV (4 seats private car)
    - MINICAB-MiEV (2-4 seats mini-van)

      Details: Link

  3. (b) Nissan

  4. - Leaf (5 seats private car)

      Details: Link

  5. (c) Tesla

  6. - Roadster (2 seats sports car)

      Details: Link

  7. (d) BRAMMO

  8. - Enertia (Motorcycle)
    - Empluse (Motorcycle)

      Details: Link

  9. (e) VECTRIX

  10. - VX-1 (Motorcycle)
    - VX-2 (Motorcycle)

      Details: Link

  11. (f) Smith Electric

  12. - Edison Panel Van (2-5 seats light van)
    - Edison Mini Bus (15 passenger seats mini-bus)
    - Newton 10 Tons Truck

      Details: Link

  13. (g) The Kowloon Motor Bus co. (1933) Ltd.

  14. - Introduced a zero-emission full electric bus to Hong Kong for trial in September 2013.

      Details: Link

  15. (h) Renault

  16. - Fluence Z.E. (5 seats private car)
    - KangooZ.E. (2-5 seats van)

      Details: Link

  17. (i) Great Dragon

  18. - Electric Coach (45-49 seats coach)

      Details: Link

  19. (j) BYD

  20. - e6 (5 seats private car & taxi)

      Details: Link

Electric Vehicles charging infrastructure development in Hong Kong

Information from Environment Bureau, The HKSAR Government

  1. (a) Locations of Charging stations for Public Access in Hong Kong

  2. Link

  3. (b) Guidelines for Setting-up Standard Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicle at Car Parks

  4. Link
  5. (c) Technical Guidelines for Electric Vehicle Charging-enabling for Car Parks of New Building Developments

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Established in 1901, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited is the principal subsidiary of the CLP Group. It is the largest vertically-integrated electricity generation, transmission and distribution company in Hong Kong serving 80 percent of the territory's population.

CLP is playing a proactive role in the development of EV charging infrastructure to support the wider adoption of EVs in Hong Kong. Up to Nov 2013, CLP has set up 33 Standard/Semi-quickCharging Stations with 140 charging points and 6 quick chargers in CLP。ッs service area (Kowloon & the NT).

More details please refer to the EV Web Site under CLP Power.

The Hongkong Electric Company

Established in 1889, The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited (HK Electric) is one of the longest-established power companies in the world. As the main operating company of Power Assets Holdings Limited, HK Electric providing an efficient and reliable electricity supply to its half a million customers on Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island.

Up to Nov 2013, HK Electric has set up 7 Standard Charging Stations with 12 charging points and 4 quick chargers in its service area.

More details please refer to the EV Web Site under HK Electric

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