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National project & policy
R&D and Demonstration Nil from the government.
Subsidy, tax incentive, mandate Pure electric vehicle is free from first registration tax when registered for use in Hong Kong.
Target The government welcomes any EV to be launched in Hong Kong but there is no specific target as to the quantity of EV to be introduced within a fixed time frame.
Standardization N.A.

Industry efforts
1 R&D and Demonstration (1) Vicmax Corporation Ltd. (環力集團) introduced a few electric light bus (16-seaters) for trial run in Hong Kong in 2001/02 but the result was not satisfactory. You may contact the company at 2976-0686 for more details.
2 Hybrid Electric Bus for Park Island Residential Development in Ma Wan. The developer of the Park Island in Ma Wan has procured 3 units of hybrid electric buses. Each hybrid bus costs about HK$2,800,000 including first registration tax.

Park Island Hybrid Electric Bus

(a) Vehicle Specification
Maker Designline (New Zealand)
Model Olympic (Hybrid)
GVW 15,000 kg
Length 12 m (single deck)
Width 2,480 mm
Height 3,070 mm
Passenger carrying capacity 60 (39 seats + 21 standees) and1 wheelchair-bound passenger
Max. speed 80 km/h
Range 24 km
Acceleration 27 second
Motor output 160 kW @ 1725 rpm
Battery 33 kW h @ 480 V
Auxiliary power unit 30 kW diesel turbine

(b) Basic Vehicle Operation
The hybrid consists of a diesel turbine generator connected in series with a battery pack and traction motors via a propulsion control system. The bus will operate in pure electric mode for zero emission operation (by cutting off the turbine) when enters the Ma Wan region. It resumes hybrid mode when out of the Ma Wan zone. Under the hybrid mode, the diesel turbine generator charges the battery pack which in turns provide power to the traction motors to drive the wheels. Three (3) similar models of hybrid electric buses supplied by the same manufacturer are currently operating in Christchurch, New Zealand.

(c) Route
The hybrid bus operates as a shuttle bus between Park Island and Tsing Yi Airport Railway Station. The round trip mileage is 18 km.

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